We are Suppliers and Contractors of last-mile infrastructure


Utility contract specifically tailored to Construction industry.

No lock in contracts ever and 100% Renewable electricity .

We offer flexible utility rates or choose a fixed rate option to mitigate risk.

We understand sometime part of the power is supplied by the landlord. Maiden will help with the metering and give you a single bill for all your supplies.

Introducing nulla.

All your temporary utilities in one place.

Across multiple cities and multiple sites.

Your nulla. dashboard allow you to filter and review sites simply. In one click you will have a National Greenhouse and Energy Report (NGER Act) ready.

nulla. dashboard example.


Take a further step to reduce your site carbon footprint and peak demand with the simplicity of hiring solar panels with our short and long term plans

Make the switch to Portable Power Storage because we know how cumbersome temporary electrical boards are.

We also offer a range of temporary power supply solutions including gas turbines, generators and battery storage.