We provide sustainable energy solutions that reduce your building running costs and also reduce your carbon footprint.

No upfront costs or hourly charges, our fees are calculated from the savings we produce – we call it “Skin in the Game”.

The requirements of your site will determine the type of role we take on and we’ll work with you to solidify this. Considerations include the financial structure, site status, operator agreements.

Our approach is simple. We carry out an energy analysis of your site to establish benchmarks to identify areas requiring attention. We fund the energy project and share the savings with you.

Check out our benchmarking tool and find out how your building compare against your peers.

Off-site energy procurement

We recognise onsite renewable energy generation may not be a viable options for some buildings. Maiden can assist off-site solutions to achieve your net zero target. We offer solutions such as Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) and Energy Efficiency Saving Certificates (ESCs)

Tariff Optimisation

The energy market pricing is fluid. We access the market and negotiate with retailers to find the best tariffs for your business. The requirements of your project will determine feasibility of an Embedded Network or a Power Purchase Agreement.

Have you revised your Plant operation since COVID-19? Most your staff is probably working from home now.

Energy Demand

Most of the central plants are designed to accommodate the maximum number of people in any space. Now that your staff are working from home we recommend reviewing plant operation to find the optimal operational set-points.

We use a bottom up approach to build plant and equipment in to our mathematical models. Then we run multiple permutations to find the plant optimal operational set points to reduce utilities consumption.